Circadian Optics is a company that sells sunshine. They design lamps that re-create the effects of sunlight on our circadian rhythm. With an entrepreneurial mindset, they needed an aesthetic that matched their energy-driven brand. I created a bright world where the lamps live in color. Role: Art direction, photo styling, designer Photography: Wolderman Creative

Lampu Staged 1.2.jpg
Lumine Staged 5.jpg
Lampu Button - Orange BG.jpg
Lampu Left 45 - Orange BG.jpg

 Following the launch of their new site, Circadian Optics released it’s smallest lamp, Luxy. With this, came a need for a call-out feature to highlight the size and portability of the new lamp. I created the “palm sized” feature and animation to show consumers just how effortlessly this lamp will fit into their daily lives. Photography: Wolderman Creative

Luxy Staged.jpg